Wave Times

Our goal is to provide an ideal schedule for all teams. The hope is to have all teams start at approximately 11am on Day 1, 10am on Day 2, and 8am on Day 3 with the last scheduled match to start at Noon on the last day!

The wave start indicates the division's first day/start of competition, with the division's play concluding the following day. Teams will be notified if any changes have occurred. AM Wave starts at 8am. PM Waves starts at approximately 2pm, unless noted otherwise.
Updated 1/17/2020

Team Check-In

Team check-in will be available online through AES. All teams must check-in prior to their first match.

Online Team Check-In
Opens - TBD
Closes - TBD

How to Check In?
NEW! Check-in electronically through AES following these steps:
  • Go to "My Events" - Select Event Name
  • Click on "My Teams"
  • Click "Check-in" (to verify or make changes to your roster, scroll to the bottom and click "verify roster")
  • Enter Credentials - Name and Phone Number
  • Click "Check-in"
Miss online check-in or need to make a change after submitting? Please bring a paper copy of the team's AES roster to the championship desk before your first scheduled match.

Roster Requirements
A completed team roster will have the following:
  • Player’s name
  • Jersey number
  • Verified USAV #s
  • All coaches must have a verified USAV # and be IMPACT certified in order to sit on the bench

USAV Roster Verification Policy

Bid Breakdown

Below is the number of bids the SWBC will be allocated based on registrations

Per the Boys Bid Manual, 'should either division fail to receive the minimum number of (6) registered teams, the divisions may be combined and will be called the Open Division. In order for the combined Open Division to retain (1) Open Bid and (1) USA Bid, the division must have a minimum of (10) registered teams.'

Club Divisions (if applicable)
No bids
14 Open/USA
1 Open, 2 USA
15 Open
1 Open
16 Open/USA
1 Open, 1 USA
17 Open
1 Open
18 Open
1 bid
18 USA
2 bids

Updated 1/24/2020

Tournament Format

The 2021 SWBC will be a three-day event for 16s-18s, and a two-day event for 12s-15s

The tournament will be following the NEW tie-breaking procedures outlined in the USAV Boys Qualifier Manual.

USAV Boys Bid Tournament Manual
For a list of all teams qualified for the 2021 Boys Junior National Championships, please follow the link below. Updated 2021 Qualified Teams

Past Results

2020 Champions
18 Open
ACAD Boys 18 Red (GE)
18 USA
Kaizen Boys 18 Black (OK)
17 Open
HVA 17 Performance Red (LS)
16 Open/USA
ACAD Boys 16 Red (GE)
15 Open
Kaizen Boys 15 Black (OK)
14 Open/USA
Excel 14N Red (NT)

Full 2020 Results
2019 Champions
18 Open
Uno Boys18 Elite
18 USA
17 USA
16 USA
15 Open
14 Open
Kaizen Boys 14's
14 Club
AJ "FURY" Boys

Full 2019 Results
2018 Champions
18 Open
AJV 18 Mizuno Boys
18 USA
SA Magic Boys 18 Elite
16 Open
Uno Boys 16 Elite
15 Open
HVA 151 Performance
14 Open
Panther City 14

Full 2018 Results