Wave Times

Saturday AM: 14 Open, 15 Open
Saturday PM: 16 Open, 18 Open & USA
The wave start indicates the division's first day/start of competition, with the division's play concluding the following day. Teams will be notified if any changes have occurred. AM Wave starts at 8am. PM Waves starts at approximately 2pm, unless noted otherwise.

On-Site Team Check-In

Friday: 6-8 p.m. at George R. Brown Convention Center, Hall C
Saturday: 7 a.m. at George R. Brown Convention Center, Hall C
  • Please have two signed copies of your team's AES roster (not USAV Webpoint roster) ready to turn-in
  • All USAV #s must be verified (players and coaches)
  • All coaches must be IMPAACT certified or they will not be allowed to sit on the bench

  • USAV Roster Verification Policy

    Bid Breakdown

    *2 bids will be available if 9 or more teams participate in the USA division

    12 Club
    No bids
    13 Club
    No bids
    14 Open
    1 bid
    15 Open
    1 bid
    16 Open
    1 bid
    16 USA
    1 bid*
    17 Open
    1 bid
    17 USA
    1 bid*
    18 Open
    1 bid
    18 USA
    1 bid*
    Two-day tournament format, 5 match guarantee
    We will follow the tie-breaking procedures outlined in the USAV Boys Qualifier Manual.

    USAV Boys Bid Tournament Manual